"Islam began as a stranger and will go back to being a stranger just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


They feel sorry for me. But I know the truth. The veil that is so-called oppressing me is actually protecting me from my nafs and the evil of the fashion and the stares of men. How many stories do we hear about girls who are abused at night-clubs or used?

The truth is, my friend-and I must say the truth- that the hijab (which literally means cover) covers us from so many bad things that we don't expect. When you walk down the street, and you see another Muslim woman, fully covered-everyone ignoring her, other than the stares normally given to the 'strangers', and next to her is a woman who is dressed in clothes that barely cover her, and men are gaping at her beauty. Just tell me, who here is oppressed?

The one who will end up in Jannah happily without suffering from bad relationships in life, or the one who is a slave to the fashion market and night-clubs?


The Lady who is wondering if Islam is the right choice... said...

But how do I know that you Muslim women are not truly oppressed?
I mean you could have been forced to write this blog entry too!I believe strongly in feminism, so why do you cover your beautiful hair? Are you like bald or something? How do we know to trust you in shops and the sort? How do we make sure of your identities? I am considering Islam except for the scarf thing and fasting.
Please help.

Veiled Beauty said...

Dear sister,
It is a great mission to be searching for the truth.
No, I was not forced to write this blog entry, and I'm not bald. Thanks to god, he blessed me with rahter beautiful hair that should be covered. And I cover my hair because god has asked us to do so, and it is of my own will.
There is no way I can force you to trust me in a store, but all I can say is Muslims don't steal, cheat, or lie. It is completely forbidden in Islam. Whoever commits any of those is not truly a Muslim.
For non-muslims, freedom is to have relationships, to go out, to stay in night-clubs till 3 a.m, to show off their beauty, and to do whatever the 'feel' like doing. This is never the case in Islam. Our freedom is following our own beautiful religion. May Allah keep us on the right track. Here are some websites that might help:
www.amjaonline.com (Q/A or Fatwa)
www.veiledknights.blogspot.com(I'm here for you anytime, sis!)

Make the right choice.
Your sister-in-Islam,
Veiled Beauty

Veiled Beauty said...

One more thing.
Fasting is a pillar of Islam. It is there for us to recognize the feelings of the poor.
May Allah make it easy on you, sister!

Veiled Beauty