"Islam began as a stranger and will go back to being a stranger just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers."

Monday, June 15, 2009


It's amazing how the main reason we live is to die. When I listen to lectures about death, I can feel the soft, warm tears rolling down my cheeks. It feels good to know that I can cry from remembering Allah (swt), but sad to know that one day, either me or someone I love dearly will have to die.

I have a beloved teacher like a mother to me, that reminds me that death is a major event worth being prepared for. She reminds me of praying the 12 raka'ahs sunnah and Qiyam ul-Layl. She reminds me of not listening to music, and ignoring the evil whispers of the Shaytaan. And she reminds me of making a careful choice in friends, for they may be the reason I enter heaven or hell. On the day of Judgement, following their bad orders might be the thing that wont help me.

Now back to death....

I advise you to be prepared for death with these five things:

  1. Be a true Muslim from the heart. As long as you have at least one DOT of faith in your heart, you will eventually end up in Jannah somehow.

  2. Remember Allah at all times. He is your savior and guardian whom you always have with you if you believe in him, and your judge.

  3. Practice Islam whenever and wherever, no matter what others think about you. Remember that there are two angels and a god with you at all times, knowing exactly of each action you have done.

  4. Follow the sunnah of the prophet (s), for he said:

"I leave two things of value amidst you in trust which if you hold on to you will never go astray: the Quran and my sunnah."

5. Remember death, and stick only with those who remind you of Allah, and stay away from those who make fun of Islam, and keep you away from the truth.

Take my advice to heart, for death can come any second, and you should always be prepared.


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

:) Masha'Allah good post sis.
and it is said that
"A muslim who can't cry while in the remembrance of Allah then cry because you can't do so"

Good to hear you shed tears while remembering Allah :)

Allah Ma3k


The lady who is thinking if Islam is the right choice said...

Hah! Death! Let's think about life before death, shall we!
And if you think i'm just another one of those snappy old ladies, well I am! So face it!