"Islam began as a stranger and will go back to being a stranger just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers."

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Assalaamu Alaikum everyone,
I am very very very happy as of this moment. In my very personal language, I call it 'feeling AlhamduLillah-ic'. Now, why is that?
  1. I have lived another day in my life with my two parents, my three siblings, my 20+ friends, my four limbs, my working mind, my affectionate heart, my soft eyes---I think I'm over-doing it now, and you probably already get the picture...
  2. EGYPT WON THE AFRICA CUP! (Sorry, people. But as you can see, I'm a great fan of patriotism..only to Muslim countries though. So if a Muslim country had won, I would've still felt very happy. But as being from an Egyptian descent, I gotta be simply P-R-O-U-D..)

I advise you all to be proud of your ethnicities, your faiths, your traditions/culture/heritage, and not ever put your back against them, because they are a part of you and mean a great deal to those who lived with you through it all.

Yeah, so I feel like talking in British at this moment (though I have nothing to do with England..), and go bug my sister with all these different accents. (Random question: What's your favorite accent?!)

Love for the sake of Allah,

Bint Khaled

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why I use this bloggy thingymabobber (never said I always found words for everything!)

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatu Allahu wabarakatuh everybody,

Bismillah....I'll start off with a very sincere apology to all those who take the time to read my blog, for they are the ones who actually drive me to rant about my life, my faith, and my community. I got carried away with school work, the annual science fair, and a bunch of projects and extracurriculars. I am nothing but a young twelve year old just trying to live her life. I was formed from a rather tiny clot of blood and into the short frame I stand inside of right now. (And now is the part where I blame my messiness on my age..lol)

But..please don't take me wrong! I still am sorry that I let all of you down and ruined my reputation to the whole blogging community as being unprofessional, a time-waster, and a very imprompt person.

But just to let everyone here know..I have faith that I'm more than that. Just because I may be a tiny figure, with a tiny shadow, and a tiny family, I still have a loud voice coming out of my tiny mouth, a massive dream, and the willpower to accomplish it. I may not always have the answer to everything, but I always have the thought of trying to learn about it. I may be "just another Muslim", but I actually do something about it. That's why I have this blog. I want those who think they know everything about Islam to visit my blog, and leave it knowing more than what they had known before.

So inshaAllah...I mean I can't promise or anything..but wallahi (ooh I actually just promised..hehe well..too late!) I will try what I can to help all of you have the awesomest life, afterlife, and middlelife (grave).

I love you all for the sake of the Almighty Lord,
Bint Khaled

Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Do

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatu Allahi wabarakatuh ma dear sis's and bro's (whether ur black, white, red, peach, brown, yellow, blue, pink, or orange. whether u have model hair or abused hair. whether ur a procrastinator or a goody-two-shoes. whether u like to eat hummus and stuffed grape leaves or ud rather stick to biryani or sushi and ramen noodles. whether ur cool or unfortunately stereotyped)..

Every Muslim person in this world lives to die. (You're probably reading that over to understand it). We have to come and face reality..we all are gonna die somehow..somewhere...somewhy...but our mission is to make sure our death is AWESOME! So don't live this world gaining temporary points for your fashion closet and your earthly remedies..but instead, follow these words of wisdom that a 12 year old like I has collected in these 12 years of life.

Yo, yo, yo oh sistas and brothas from otha fathas and mothas, if you want to have a high position in all kinds of good deeds, to be a devoted slave of Allah and to honor your parents, and you are seeking Paradise, then you have to do the following:

Basic TO DO:

  1. KEEP QUR'AN IN YOUR HOUSE ALL the time, don't just keep it there, but hear it. Read it. Beautify your voice with it.
  2. MAKE DUAA'. IT's THE STRONGEST WEAPON YOU CAN EVER HAVE. And it's one weapon that can never be taken away. Whether Islam's enemies like it or not, they can never interfere between you and Allah.
  3. DON'T SAY THAT YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE WORLD. That's what people say when they don't want YOU to change it.
  4. WHENEVER YOU HEAR OF A NEW HADEETH OR AYAH, START DOING IT. That's the key to becoming a better Muslim.
  6. FIND TRUE FRIENDS. They really pay off on the Day of Judgement.
  7. DO FOR THIS LIFE AS IF YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER, DO FOR THE NEXT LIFE AS IF YOU WILL DIE TOMORROW. So live, laugh , love, but remember that you will die.
  8. REMEMBER ALLAH EVERY SECOND IN YOUR LIFE. These will be the only seconds you truly cherish forever.


1 – You have to revive the faith in your heart. Faith is what will bring the Muslim everything he seeks in this world and in the Hereafter. Faith is the key to all goodness and locks the door to all evil. The means of reviving and strengthening faith in one’s heart are many and varied, including doing a lot of acts of worship and righteous deeds.
2 – You must turn to your Lord sincerely, as it says in the report: “If My slave turns to me inwardly and outwardly, I will turn the hearts of My slaves to him with love and mercy.” Allaah has made worship the ultimate aim and loftiest purpose of man: “And I (Allaah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone)”[al-Dhaariyaat 51:56 – interpretation of the meaning)]
3 – You should always set your sights on the highest degrees, and make your goal in life to earn the pleasure of Allaah, and strive to attain the victory of Paradise, or to attain the highest Firdaws. You should strive as hard as you can to achieve these lofty aims.
4 – You should follow the example of historical Muslim figures such as the Sahaabah, Taabi’een and righteous forebears (the salaf).
5 – You should make the most of every minute, every moment and every heartbeat to use it in such a way as to increase your faith.
6 – You should try to keep company with righteous people, because the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “A man will follow the religion of his close friend, so let each one of you look at whom he befriends.” Narrated by Abu Dawood and al-Tirmidhi with a hasan isnaad. Good friends are one of the best means of helping you to obey Allaah and to avoid sin and error.
7 – Doing a lot of righteous deeds which will bring you happiness in this world and in the Hereafter.
8 – Praying qiyaam al-layl, making du’aa’ in the time just before dawn. The feet of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to swell because of his desire to be a thankful slave, even though Allaah had forgiven his previous and future sins.
9 – Persisting in reading a portion of Qur’aan daily, and other dhikr that helps you to think and ponder the meanings of the Qur’aan.
10 – Striving to spread the word and make da’wah for the sake of Allaah, and working for Islam as much as possible.

11- Wear the hijab, and increase your hayaa'. It's only for the benefit of you.

12- Accept criticism, especially if it's from those that you love. Without realization, there lies no change.

13- Be strong in your faith. Don't let a rude comment allow it to waver.

14- While being strong, have some fun! No one said it was ever haraam!

15- Work hard to get knoweledge. Whether it's from nerdy novels or just the Qur'an, it's gotta be great. Knoweledge is the best weapon against your enemies.

16- Don't think you'll ever have lost your money when you give it away to Sadaqah.

17- Have a blog. Spread your thoughts through the web! (another excuse to go online...)

18- Always help others. It really, really pays off when you least expect it.

19- Have the best of intentions in every choice you make. Pray istikhaarah.

20- Always use halal money for EVERYTHING. It's the only type of blessed money.

21- Love ONLY for the sake of Allah. Trust me, I had experience and those are the only relations that EVER stay..

22- Know that your community is only your sisters and brothers, so if you ever need anything, they're there. Always call them sis and bro, that keeps ties stronger.

23- When in doubt, read the Qur'an.

24- When in doubt, ask the Shaykh!

25- When in doubt while driving, press rear. LOL! nah, that's my personal inside joke..

Live life L*O*U*D! Die death serene.