"Islam began as a stranger and will go back to being a stranger just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

Assalaamu 'Alaikum warahmat Ullahi wabarakaatuh!!
OMG..it's been almost a year since I blogged on this. I'm almost 14 years old now..about two & a half months left. Lol (:
I missed you all; how's life? ♥

-Bint Khaled


muslimah93 said...

Awww!!! You're backkkkkk!!! Alhamdulilah, life is goooooooddd!! How are youuu??? How's your sistaa??? =)

Veiled Knight said...

Haha..heyy! (: Oh, I'm lovinn' the enthusiasm. :D
& AlhamduLillah, glad to hear that!
I'm great..a little scared of growingg up. Lol, but my sister's fine. ♥