"Islam began as a stranger and will go back to being a stranger just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shorter Posts

Assalaamu 'Alaikum warahmat Ullahi wabarakaatuh,

I realized that most fabulous bloggers type short posts, for wisdom is portrayed in the least amount of words. That made me notice how I must be such a dimwitted person who bores you out with such long posts.
I'll try to make them shorter inshaAllah.

Love for the sake of Al-Rahmaan,
Bint Khaled


hafsah r said...

aww. your long posts were really really interesting...-

muslimah93 said...

I lovee your bloggg!! But now thattt i have blogspot/wordpress blocked on my account so i can try to focus and concentrate on my work moreee...i dnt get to go on blogs as often and as long. But keep those beneficial posts comingg!! Hope your wellll!! Xoxoxoxo! =)