"Islam began as a stranger and will go back to being a stranger just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Taalibah at Heart

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatu Allahi wabarakaatuh,

Yes, alhamduLillah I am still alive. No, I'm sorry..I do not have time to give out autographs. I apologize for not having blogged for a while now but I have been quite busy. Busier than I would want.

My missions for this Dunya and the 'Akhirah are increasing every second, and at the moment, the internet is not my priority. I still don't know if I will be blogging much during summer time..only Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala knows. That mainly depends on if we are inshaAllah traveling to Egypt or not.

I sort of have to get along with typing this post really fast because I have a Tajweed class in and hour and a half, a Qur'aan class in two hours, and I still have to pick up my sister from college and take her out for a late lunch. InshaAllah we'll manage.
The reason I'm not at school right now with my notebook and mechanical pencil (0.5 lead..woot woot) is because I'm currently suffering from the stomach flu which I alhamduLillah caught from the boys who sit across the room from me. While I'd be trying to pay attention, I can hear their beautiful little 'choir' blowing their noses in a coincidental rhythm and then coughing and sneezing.
When I thought I was immune to the disease, I eventually caught it on Friday. AlhamduLillah. =)

So far I've only used about 23 tissues and coughed about 17 times and sneezed 4 times. That's an improvement. I skipped out on my Ibuprofen yesterday alhamduLillah..and just when I thought I'd be headed back to school today, the cold caught me AGAIN at 12:03 am. Allahu Akbar. =P

Anyway, I mainly wanted to write this post as an encouragment for me and you alike. I believe with all my heart that I am a true Taalibah alhamduLillah always armed with my memory of a student and my beautiful yellow notebook and mechanical pencil (0.5)! Whenever I can, I attend to whatever beneficial class I can find. I always make sure that I walk out of that class having learnt something new to add to my list of gems, and pass down my knowledge to other peoples' gems.

One last shout-out: AL-MAGHRIB INSTITUE FTW! (For the world..) =D

Be a taalibah today..learn and pass it on!

Make du'aa' for me and all the Muslims out there,
Bint Khaled

For the sake of Allah.


muslimah93 said...

Salaam!!! You and your sister haven't updated in soo longg! Tell your sis i said Salaam! =) Andd, inshallah ill remember youu in my prayers. Remember me in yours tooo! =)

Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri and Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu' anhuma narrates that Nabi (SAW) said: Whenever a Muslim faces fatigue, illness, worry, grief, hurt and sorrow, even gets pricked by a thorn, Allah in lieu of his sufferings removes his sins. (Bukhari)

Abu Umamah Al-Bahili (Radiyallahu anho) narrates that Nabi (SAW) said: Any slave of Allah who implores humbly and earnestly in an illness, Allah grants him recovery in such a way that he is cleansed of all his sins. (Tabarani, Majma- 'uz-Zawaid)

"How wonderful is the case of a believer; there is good for him in everything and this applies only to a believer. If prosperity attends him, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him; and if adversity befalls him, he endures it patiently and that is better for him." [Muslim]

A Muslim, male or female, continues to remain under trial in respect of his life, property, and offspring until he faces Allah, the Exalted, with no sin record.

I got some hadiths from here: http://revivingthesunnah.blogspot.com/ (It's a blog of a really good friend, and she doesn't post any hadiths found on the internet. You should definitely check it out some time! Xo.)


Veiled Knight said...

@Muslimah93: Totally inshaAllah jazaaki Allahu khairan. I love your comment..it made me smile!
I was like, "I love it when people tell me a Hadeeth, even if I already knew it!"

CATGIRL said...

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