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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vs. Algeria

Assalamu Alaikum dear readers,
I am here to let you know of some bad news. Egypt lost against Algeria and-----and----oh Ya Allah!!! WE'RE NOT MAKING IT TO THE WORLD CUP!!!!!
La Hawla wa la Quwwata Illa Bellah!!!
Oh well, I guess you guys haven't been making that duaa' i told you to make. :*(
Khayrun InshaAllah!!

Bint Khaled


Habibti said...

im so happy egypt lost

marie said...

sure was making dua, but for Algeria

Veiled Knight said...

Habibti: I wouldn't be glad anyone lost, I'd rather be glad someone WON! (think about it the other way)

Veiled Knight said...

marie: at least you were making duaa'!! plus, what is all this...HATE MAIL?!!! jk :)

Slave of God said...

I KNOW, seriously!! Any Egyptions here? anyone? Algeria soo did not deserve to win!! They attacked out country and killed innocent civilians!! If Algeria won the DUNYA, Misr won the AKHIRAH!


Veiled Knight said...

Slave Of God: You're over exaggerating!! LOL it's just that though the Algerians won, some of them a got a bit violent and caused a few issues between Algeria and Egypt. It's pretty sad, but we get your point!! :P
And yeah.. GO EGYPT!!

fériel said...

salam 3aleikoum,

im sorry bur algerian players were hurted in the bus when they went to cairo to play but expect some egyptian like mostafa bakri and , the doctor of egypt team , most of the media denied it!!!!!!
And when u listen to alaa mobarak saying ( yes u can find it in u tube): "they aure nevous, jealous" and so on..
it's sad!u shld see that:

i could add much more!


Veiled Knight said...

feriel: wa3alaikum assalam,
i totally and completely understand and agree with you! But not just because im Egyptian, Algeria did technically the same thing as Egypt did on Algeria (maybe even worse). There are many videos on youtube for this as well. It's is extremely irresponsible on both sides..all this because of one soccer game!!??