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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hijab Martyr

31 year old Marwa El Sherbeeny was stabbed 18 times in a courtroom. 18 times.

Sister Marwa, a victim of clear Islamophobia was stabbed 18 times in front of a WHOLE courtroom after taking her neighbor to court for accusing her of being a terrorist. She was stabbed by the same man that called her a terrorist. 18 times.When her husband went forward to rescue her, even he was stabbed 3 times and then later shot by the security guard for being mistaken as the "attacker".


1. What took so long for the guards to realize that she was being attacked?

2. Why was she left to be stabbed for 18 times? I am sure, very very sure that to stab 18 times is not a 5-10 seconds job nor was it unnoticable.Unless you are telling that the dude that killed her was Mega-man.

Is it not clear enough that they were kind enough to let her be stabbed together with her husband?

Oh is this what they call democracy? Or is this what they mean by Justice? This 31 year old headscarf wearing woman was stabbed 18 times and was left to die together with her husband (who was later rescued with major wounds) for being the one person that was brave enough to stand up for her rights and in striving to get rid of the bios stereotypical mindset that half of the westerners have against Islam and Muslims. Are we going to be silent about this like we almost always are?

Today it's Sister Marwa, who knows tomorrow who it could be? You or me?

What's the body count in Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem? How many are already dead in Iraq, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan?What about Darfur? Somalia?

When are you going to start fixing those messed-up minds that are filled with not only hatred but the lies that are being fed by the Western Media?

And how long are we to stay asleep?Are we not going to wake up and stand up for our rights? What is wrong with the hijab that I have over my head? What is wrong with the beards that my brothers are growing?Most importantly, what is wrong in practicing something that I believe in?

All I can say for now is, Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`un (From Allah we come to Him we Return)

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