"Islam began as a stranger and will go back to being a stranger just as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Assalamu Alaikum,

Today, I decided to write about something our Ummah needs greatly. This 'something' is called, Hayaa'. Hayaa' literally means self shame, modesty or morality. The scholars have explained Hayaa' to be a condition within ourselves that prevents us from committing any action that Allah (swt) has prohibited us from doing. When a woman wears her hijab, it's an act of Hayaa'. The niqab is an even bigger branch of modesty.
It is really sad that nowadays, Muslim women and men mingle freely, and talk to each other about unimportant topics. Those of us who choose not to do that and have an increased amount of Hayaa' are made fun of, ignored, and labeled as 'unsocial' or 'hermits'. The right way for a woman to be properly modest is for her to only talk freely with Mahram men (men who a woman is not allowed to marry, i.e father, brother, uncle, grandpa). At the masjid, I find girls wearing makeup and laughing loudly; their voices very teenagerish and attractive. I see boys turning to look at them, their eyes blinking from the amount of accessories the girls wear. SubhanAllah! I sometimes feel really sorry for the boys in our Ummah. They fall into big amounts of Fitnah, and some girls add to it more.
A woman should not look a man in his eyes, chat him up, wear attractive clothing, or stare at him [let's rephrase that: look at him except if by accident].
And to our dear brothers out there, be satisfied with your mother, sister, wife, and daughters. The women out there are not to be looked at. Remember that Allah sees your every move, and that he judges you based on your actions.

-Veiled Knight


Skye said...

alhamdulillah sis ur posts just get better and better

Veiled Knight said...

Skye: Alhamdulillah! Somebody reads my blog!! If you have any suggestions sister, please tell me! I'm all ears!

Sarah Alaoui said...

good post, but:
"I see boys turning to look at them, their eyes blinking from the amount of accessories the girls wear"

...it works both ways.

Sara said...

Salam Sister, Your post is so right. muslims are forgetting how to be muslims and focusing more on life and life's pleasures etc.. this is where the battle is. Sister how old are you?

Veiled Knight said...

Sara Alaoui: Jazakillahu Khairan sister for the correction. I'm glad some people in our Ummah still like grammar! :)

Veiled Knight said...

Sara: Yes, it saddens me how people focus too much on luxury nowadays. When I went to Egypt for instance, a lot of the women don't wear Abayahs anymore; rather makeup and tight clothes.
I also mentioned to you , then they get all religous around ME (believe me, I'm waay younger than them) just because I wear Abayahs!
I also told you earlier that I am 11, but different than all the other 11 year olds I've met. Trust me, everyone I know knows that!

Sarah Alaoui said...

no no, I'm saying that it works both ways as in you should talk about the boys as well. in reference to that part I quoted.

good read still.

Veiled Knight said...

Sara Alaoui: Oh, hehe. Sorry sister. You do bring up a good point as well. Why don't you start your own blog, Sara? I would love to read it. If you do, please tell me about it!

Sara said...

Dear sister.

Now that I know you are only 11 I am so proud to actually call you a sister! A much younger sister! Subhanallah not all of us can be lucky enough to have had the same wisdom at your age. Mashallah. I agree when I was in egypt I did not feel Islam at all. All i felt was a strong culture mixed with gossiping and loud voices and music. It makes me feel abit frustrated when i think about it because Egypt is a muslim country after all. Other than that I love egypt, its my home. Love your posts!

Aasalam aailakum.

Veiled Knight said...

Sara: Masha'Allah! Thanks for the nice words and your enthusiasm. SubhanAllah! Sometimes I'm feeling down and you all make me feel like I'm something more than what I am! May Allah reward you all!

Life's Balance Beam said...

gooood post!!

I agree with you and sara about egypt. i lived in alex and subanaallah i was surprised at alot that i seen. but egypt doesn't consider themselves to be an "islamic" country, or a muslim country they consider themselves to be secular. well atleast the president of egypt does. (hosni mubaariik) so with a lot of people hijab (khimar really) is just culture. allahualim, but it was always nice to see not only sisters with HIJAB (proper) but sisters who applied modesty and islam to their actions! :D

Veiled Knight said...

@Life's Balance Beam:
I'm originally Egyptian as well but I actually see Egypt as a Muslim country. I'm not saying I fully agree with Hosni Mobarak..but inshaAllah if he said the shahaadah, I don't believe I'm at a power to judge him. Only Allah judges and not 12 year old Bint Khaled! =D

Yup..alhamduLillah..it's soo inspiring to see so many veiled sisters. And it is extremely sad to hear the khimaar or niqab being called a bid'ah. Inna Lellah!