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Monday, February 22, 2010


Assalaamu Alaikum everyone,
I was actually talking to some of my friends about 786, and about hearing that it actually stood for "Bismillahi Al-rahmaan Al-raheem". I wanted to know if this was true, and how the idea behind it came about and how it was calculated. So I did what I always do..I researched about it.

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Jazakum Allahu Khairan,
Bint Khaled QK (that's a sideways ninja)


ModestJustice said...

That's what I heard too!

Wow, well at least you researched masha'Allah :)

Funny, there's a whole nasheed group called 786 as well

muslimah93 said...

Wow!!!!!! May Allah save us from all kinds of biddah!!! Jazakillah for sharing sisterrrr!!! =) Guess wat im hearingggg? The nasheed on ur youtubeeee! isnt dat soooo cooooool? i was just listening to some nasheed, and on the related vids der was "7 Commandments of a Muslimah" anddd guesss whoooo da vid came out to be frommm? youuu! well i think it's youuu! i hope it's youu! or this comment would be totally wack! lol. this video and nasheed is very nice mashallah!!!!! do you know the meaning of this nasheeddd? =)

Veiled Knight said...

@muslimah93: LOL! yes yes it's me! I actually don't have the meaning of the nasheed, but from what I understand it's talking about the youth of our Ummah and how Allah accepts our duaa'. Thanks for waitching.. ENJOY! =)