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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The truth behind the sibling-ness

Assalamu Alaikum to all you people out there,

I just wanted to let you all know I love you guys for the sake of Allah, and I hope you do too! Keep me in your duaa's and have a GREAT winter break!

Today, I was emailing one of my besties, and I wrote to her: "Your sister in Islam, Bint Khaled."
So I asked myself:
Ever WONDERED the truth behind the SIS and BRO?!!!

And then I spent like a while thinking over what it actually means behind the "sister" and "brother". So first of all, we all technically ARE sisters and brothers bioligically whether Muslim or non-Muslim, because our common ancestor is Adam (AS)!
Also, when you call another person your sister or brother, then you are technically refreshing ties with them and giving another proof of your certain closeness and affection to them. So that's why I'm beginning to use it a lot. But here's the weird part about the way I use it nowadays.
Me: "Teacher, the guys are annoying us!"
Class: "Yeah!!"
Me: "Teacher, the brothers are annoying us!"
lol. Then I never hear the end of it till like I graduate! It's kind of interesting how when I learn something so loved by all the scholars, and then I try to bring it to school, I get laughed at, and end up getting one degree down in my faith again! haha!
Yeah..so there are always complications along with trying to bring the Islamic renaissance back again!! ;P
May Allah help us all,
Bint Khaled


muslimah93 said...
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Veiled Knight said...

muslimah93: Actually, I'm talking about my experience in an Islamic school. They still laugh at the whole 'brothers' thing!! lol
Yeah..I wouldn't really like to call non-Muslims brothers too unless I'm trying to prove a point or they're overly nice or something!
Of course! You can take anything you want from my blog if you ask permission for it..except for the pictures. You can just take them EVEN if you already have a blog, because I myself found them off the internet, so they're not really mine in any way! But if it's about the text, then I would like some credit to go to me!! lol
And...OF COURSE I'll make duaa' for you!!

muslimah93 said...

Jazakillah! =) Which pictures are you talking about though? Andd, is my permission granted? =)

Veiled Knight said...

muslimah93: YES!! Your permission is granted definitely! You can use ALL the pictures on my blog unless they say something about veiled knights and veiled beauty on them. The ones I edited on paint can be copied unless stated otherwise. Enjoy!! :)

muslimah93 said...

Jazakillah!!!! =) Btw, have i told you, ur blog is very niceee? It's awesome! =D

Amira said...

Aww at least your trying right? Inshallah don't lose hope. Maybe others will start using it and it wont be so strange any more.

Veiled Knight said...

muslimah93: Awww..may Allah (swt) reward you! AMEEN

Veiled Knight said...

Amira: AlhamduLillah! I am trying!! But does it work yet?? Nope.. :)